The Planting of a Fig Tree

by Chris Neophytou





First edition, first impression of The Planting of a Fig Tree by Chris Neophytou in new condition, signed and numbered. Published in 2022 by Out of Place books.


About The Planting of a Fig Tree

The term ‘diaspora’ has its etymological roots in the greek word ‘διασπείρω’ (diaspeírō) a word meaning to scatter, ‘dia’ a prefix indicating motion in all directions and speírō, “to sow”. All immigrant communities have a relationship with distance, A sense of both physical and spiritual separation. This distance becomes increasingly intricate with the arrival of each generation, the growth and assimilation of one community into another.

There are more than 300,000 people of Cypriot ancestry in the UK, 15,000-20,000 reside in the midlands, with a thriving community in Birmingham. The Covid-19 crisis has brought with it a new form of distance. Families are isolating together and apart, adjusting to changes in working conditions and new challenges are being faced in practicing faith and traditions. The community searches for ways to connect.

Publisher Out of Place Books