"Family Vacations" Print

by Arnaud montagard



About "Family Vacations" - The Road Not Taken

20cm x 15cm signed and numbered (edition of 20) Giclee print. PRINT ONLY - the book has now sold out. The Road Not Taken by Arnaud Montagard investigates classic visual themes of Americana and touches upon some of the ideas laid down by the Beat poets. Leaving the fast paced city life behind and setting off on a journey into the American psyche. As an outsider who moved to New York some years ago, Arnaud’s images are informed and inspired by the greats that precede him, but also announce his own unique style. And to time. Time, most of all--its texture, its tonalities, the emotional atmosphere of temporal passage and spiral. The photograph nods its respect to time. It bows in deference." - Leah Ollman

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