The Yellow River

by Zhang kechun




The Yellow River by Zhang Kechun. Third edition (2020). Large format hardcover

Choose between signed or unsigned copies in new condition.

Signed by Zhang Kechun to front end page

About The Yellow River

The Yellow River is a documentation of the effects of modernisation along the second largest river in China. This river runs through nine provinces and it has a great number of mythological significance attached to it Also, it's said to be the origin of ancient Chinese civilisation. Zhang Kechun decided to walk along the Yellow River, following the flow of the water across his homeland. This way, he would get to experience the influence of the stream in every location. One could say, this was a sort of spiritual journey where Kechun tried to find his roots. However, with modernisation comes loss. The river, once full of myths, legends and a father-like presence had started to disappear.  Nevertheless, the message Kechun decides to leave to the viewer is one of hope and optimism.

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