This is the One

by Dennis morris




This is the One by Dennis Morris. First edition first impression. Large format hardback in leather slipcase in new condition.  Flat signed by Dennis Morris to front endpage. No markings, this is a brand new book.

About This is the One

This is the One is a 200 page photo essay documenting the rise of The Stone Roses. Through beautiful images, (around 250 of them) Morris captures the inception of the four piece band. Going from their formation in Manchester in 1983 to the establishment of their place in British music history, Morris takes the viewer into the personal and the professional aspects of the band. Also, the book is beautifully presented. In fact, it's printed on high quality silk paper and housed in a stunning slipcase. These are some of the most iconic images ever taken of the Stone Roses, including live photos from Spike Island, Glasgow Green, behind the scenes photos and intimate studio shots.

About Dennis Morris

Dennis Morris started his career at an early age. He was 11 years old when one of his photographs was printed on the front page of the Daily Mirror. A camera fanatic since the age of 8, Dennis was known around his East End neighbourhood as Mad Dennis, due to his preference for photography over football. After inadvertently stumbling across a particularly feisty demonstration by the PLO one Sunday, the sharp young Dennis took his film to a photo agency on Fleet Street who promptly sold it to the Daily Mirror for £16. Accustomed to raising money for films and camera parts by taking photos of christenings and birthday parties, Dennis was suddenly on to something; his hobby and all-consuming passion could be done for a living.

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