What We Bought: The New World

by Robert adams




What We Bought: The New World by Robert Adams. First edition (1995). First impression. Large format hardback in fine condition. Signed by Robert Adams to title page. There is a tiny mark to front cover. No other markings. Dust jacket in removable protective sleeve. please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About What We Bought: The New World

What We Bought: The New World documents the monumental growth of cities of the West in America during the 1960s and 1970s. The populations were ballooning, filling up towns with new buildings, schools, supermarkets and roads. This way, the natural beauty that attracted millions who pursued a better quality of life in the suburbs of Denver, was turning into a much more urbanised metropolitan area. The result is the documentation of the major shift in a region. The changes can be perceived not only on its geography but in the values, habits and life styles. Actually, these changes were happening at fast speed, even though this wasn't obvious at the time to everybody. As amenities and houses sprouted up, as roads reached farther places, Adams turned his camera to all those changes and captured the development of Denver, that occurred for better or for worse. Overall, this book expects to make the viewer think about the way we interact with our environments, sometimes without realising the impact we may have on it. The author said himself “In a few years…the area’s ruin would be testament to a bargain we had tried to strike. The pictures record what we purchased, what we paid and what we could not buy. They document a separation from ourselves, and in turn from the natural world that we professed to love.”

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