Craig Whitehead

Craig Whitehead, also known as Sixstreetunder, is a Street photographer originally from Kent who has spent over a decade living in Central Cambridge in the UK. His artistic background comes from studying Illustration at university but his interest in photography predates that.
Initially, Craig Whitehead was interested in just capturing moments while skating with friends as a teenager, with photography simply being an afterthought for many years. In search of a creative outlet while working he would wander the city on his lunch breaks. These lunchtime excursions turned into multiple exhibitions, Skillshare classes, in-person workshops and a self-published book before connecting with Setanta Books as the distributer of his most recent hardback publication.

Artist Statement

The photos in this new book span through the first 5 years of street photography but focuses on Cambridge, the city that started it all. After the changes the world has seen in the past 18 months, it seemed like the right time to draw a mental line under all of my work up to now and look at exploring new things moving forward. The images are loosely in chronological order including a rare few lockdown images I captured in 20/21.