Pictures for Rome with “Along the River Tiber” Print

Anthony Hernandez






Original Title Pictures for Rome with "Along the River Tiber" Print
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Pictures for Rome with “Along the River Tiber” Print by Anthony Hernandez. First edition (2001). First impression. Large format hardback in as new condition. Signed by Anthony Hernandez to title page. Comes with a limited edition signed and numbered (2/25) print (25 x 25 cm). No markings to book and print. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Pictures for Rome with “Prostitute in Shack”

Anthony Hernandez’s Pictures for Rome (1998-99), made while he was a fellow at the American Academy, make no reference to any iconic images of that historic city and its famous edifices. Instead, these elegantly disturbing color photographs examine what could be considered a series of unofficial urban monuments composed from the distressed architectural elements and detritus found inside abandoned buildings. It may seem like an exaggeration to speak of the monumental aspect of such lost and lowly artifacts, but Hernandez’s photographs prompt us to view the things he shows us with fascination, deference, and even, on occasion, awe.

Artist Bio

Anthony Hernandez is an American photographer who divides his time between Los Angeles and Idaho. His work ranges from street photography to images of the built environment and other remains of civilization. Hernandez has spent most of his career photographing his native Los Angeles.

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