Graeme Oxby

Graeme Oxby is documentary and portrait photographer based in the UK and represented for publication by Institute Artists. He is Programme Leader for BA Photography at The University Of Lincoln.

Oxby has been a creative professional since the late 1980s working in the commercial, music and entertainment industries. Based in London, Dublin & Manchester making music videos and commercials as well as TV and film commissions. He also traveled widely on assignments from Angola and Mozambique to the former Soviet Union, The Far East, North & Central America.

Graeme took a break from film making and photography in 2008. So he could oversee the return of influential Art Rock band Magazine to stage, screen and recording studio. Then returning to his photography practice five years later. He was Artistic Director of The Hull International Photography Festival in 2015. He also devised and was commissioned by Hull City of Culture 2017 to deliver the Hull Beermat Photography Festival with winners chosen by Martin Parr.


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