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Gregory Halpern (b. 1977) is an acclaimed American photographer who has focussed his career on an exploration of the elusive, nascent notion of Americanness. As a result, he is celebrated for his pioneering photobooks. His most recent publications ZZYZX and Omaha Sketchbook are lyrical and poetic explorations of place.

So, in 2014, Halpern was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship. The subsequent project, ZZYZX, was published as a photobook in 2016, and explores the landscape and people of Southern California. Named after an ‘unincorporated community’ in the Mojave desert, the project journeys from the eastern fringes of the state of California towards Los Angeles and, eventually, the Pacific. ZZYZX was awarded Photobook of the Year at the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards in 2016.

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