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Jake Michaels is a Los Angeles based photographer who splits his time between commercial and street photography. Michaels is a graduate of Art Center College of Design and has had his work published in the New York Times, Time, Conde Nast Traveler, among others. Also, his work has been exhibited internationally.

Growing up in California, Jake Michaels first picked up a camera when he was thirteen. His father, a photojournalist who worked for a small paper in their town, gave him his first camera. He probably didn’t know it then but photography would end up becoming Michaels’ passion and profession. The way he would make a living but also express himself, relate to the world and ultimately, create. Now, Michaels works commercially and as a photojournalist. This layered approach to capturing his subjects and themes is reflected in his work. Furthermore, there is a subtle ambiguity lying in his compositions. Michaels’ work has evolved through the years, incorporating elements from fashion photography and creating a more refined style. This combination allows Michaels to approach his subjects like they are unique and capture their singularity. 

c.1950 was published by Setanta Books back in 2021 and it Jake Michaels first photography book, there are also print edition options available for sale below too.


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