Jan Banning

Jan Banning is a Dutch artist and photographer, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He was born in Almelo, the Netherlands, in 1954. His parents were Dutch East Indies. He studied social and economic history at the University of Nijmegen. His parents and education have both highly influenced his work.

Banning’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries. His work has also been published widely in books, magazines and newspapers. The central theme in his work is state power (and its abuse). Some of his work looks at the long term effects of war. He also takes an interest in the world of government bureaucracy. Some of his other work includes a study of the criminal justice systems in four countries in South America, Europe, Africa and North America. He has also completed a portrait series of homeless people in the American South. Additionally, he has taken a look at the Green Line separating North and South Cyprus. History and social context influence his art.

Banning’s art work has been acquired by museums such as the High Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Rijksmuseum.


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