Melanie Pullen

Melanie Pullen (born September 1975) is an American photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Although she was born in New York.

Pullen is inspired by geometry, and she loves lines and symmetry. She is most noted for High Fashion Crime Scenes which consists of over one hundred photographs based on NYPD and LAPD crime scene files. Pullen’s monograph High Fashion Crime Scenes received critical acclaim from Spin.

Here, Pullen’s staged photos portray models dressed in contemporary fashions. But positioned as the victims. In a return to early, less clinical methods of crime scene photography, Pullen revisits the artistic delicacy once applied to composition, lighting, and drama. Channeling photographers such as Weegee, Jacob Riis, and Eugène Atget.

She has had exhibitions worldwide, individually and as a group.


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