Nik Roche

Nik Roche is a Welsh based documentary photographer. He discovered a passion and interest in photography later in life after a career in garden design. Nik documents the lives and complexities of people and is currently on the Documentary Photography MA at the internationally renowned University of South Wales. Nik is particularly interested in social change and the impact of institutions on individual behaviour.

With a humanistic approach to work Nik’s immersive style of photography is a result of a highly inquisitive approach to the world. Always seeking to tell the story of the people involved in his projects in the truest way possible.

The Budgie Died instantly and It’s Hard To Report A Stolen Bike, Stolen are his two projects in progress which question a state of mind and a sense of place. Nik is particularly interested in gesture and how we read a situation based on seemingly un-remarkable moments.

Roche’s debut monograph, The Budgie Died Instantly, is available for pre-order now. See the book and print editions below.

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