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Born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1968. B.A. in English literature from Kanagawa Univ. Japan. He started photography in early twenties and began professional career in 2000.

He has had many solo and group exhibitions including “Futashika na Chizu” at Kodak Photo Salon, Tokyo (1999), “Slowly Down the River” at Nikon Salon Ginza, Tokyo (2006), “The Photographic Society of Japan New Comer Award Memorial Exhibition” at Tokyo and Moscow (2009), “Winter Journey” at Doozo Gallery, Rome, Italy (2013) , “Cascade” at Sokyusha Gallery, Tokyo (2017), “By the Sea” at Fuji Film Photo Salon, Tokyo (2018) “Contes des iles et Paysages de la Mer du Japon” at Inbetween Gallery, Paris, France (2018), and “The Dreaming” at Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong (2020).


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