Americans in Kodachrome

by Guy stricherz


Americans in Kodachrome by Guy Stricherz. First edition (2002). First impression. Large format hardback in fine condition. No markings. Dust jacket in removable protective sleeve. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Americans in Kodachrome

So, amateur photographers used Kodachrome, first introduced in 1935 as modern colour film, extensively after World War II. Americans in Kodachrome 1945 – 1965 is a portrayal of daily life during these formative years of modern American culture. The book also contains 95 exceptional colour photographs. Made by over ninety unknown American photographers. Like folk art in other mediums, this work is characterized by its frankness, honesty, as well as vigor. Made as memoirs of family and also friends, the photographs reveal a free - spirited, intuitive approach and possess a clarity and modest characteristic of this unheralded photographic folk art. Conceived as a book as well as a nationwide exhibition, Americans in Kodachrome is an evocative and haunting portrait of a historic generation of Americans. — Guy Stricherz

Artist Bio

So, Guy Stricherz is a world renowned fine art photographic printer specializing in the rare dye transfer color process, and the obscure platinum black and white process. He has printed major bodies of work for William Eggleston, Bruce Davidson, Magnum Photo, et al. Americans in Kodachrome arose out of his combined interests in American culture, the vernacular photographic tradition, as well as the history of color photography.

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