Jean Luc Mylayne

by Jean luc mylayne


Jean Luc Mylayne. First edition (2007). First impression in fine condition. No markings, pages clean, binding firm. Jacket in removable protective sleeve. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Jean Luc Mylayne

For more than thirty years, the author has been photographing the birds of his native France and the American West. The creation of each images is a laborious process which can take months as he returns to the same location, day after day. The photographer asserts that the birds, he particularly focuses on bluebirds, are willing actors in the making of the picture. "When I see a bird, I see at the same time that bird on a tree near the house. I see everything as an ensemble, and I realize that's how I see everything in life." Jean-Luc Mylayne (*1946) is acclaimed for a conceptual photographic practice that captures birds in their natural habitats and evokes philosophical questions about the perception of time. The French-born artist lives and works “in the world,” as he has repeatedly stressed. He and his wife and artistic collaborator Mylène (*1956)—also the inspiration for Mylayne’s adopted surname—lead a nomadic life centered on ornithological observation and encounters. The often months-long process needed to create the photographs makes them documents of a radical deceleration and a meditation on nature, life and transience. In 1978, Mylayne decided to devote his life to ornithological and photographic exploration. The decision came with a resolve to live a lifestyle guided by the rhythms of nature. His works are the result of a lengthy, contemplative study of often inconspicuous migratory and songbirds—Eurasian wrens, goldfinches or mountain bluebirds, for example—and their habitats in France, Texas and New Mexico.

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