010 - Mirko Saviane - Special Edition (3 Print Options)

by Mirko saviane




010 - Mirko Saviane Print Edition (3 Options)

48 Page softcover 21cm x 16cm book with card wraparound cover in an edition of 350 copies.

This copy of 010 - Mirko Saviane also contains a signed and numbered 150mm x 200mm Giclée print (one of an edition of thirty) tipped in to the end page.

010 - Mirko Saviane is the tenth in an ongoing collaboration with Open Doors Gallery publishing the work of emerging photographers.

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Artist Statement about 010 - Mirko Saviane

I started as a painter, and this background has definitely influenced my style. I think I'm attracted to silhouettes and shadows; this characterizes my photographic language in general but is especially apparent in this project. My attention to shadow makes the reality I depict here more graphic and pictorial, while the depersonalization caused by my protagonists' silhouettes enhances the interplay between light, colour and shadow in the scenes, which helps the observer to catapult himself into this beautifully coloured world. Burano is a small island close to Venice, Italy. With its myriad of colours, the island's colour scheme is reminiscent of the multicoloured cities of South America.

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