1972 - At Home and on the Way

by Iwan schumacher


1972 - At Home and on the Way by Iwan Schumacher. First edition, first impression hardback in new condition. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures.

About 1972 - At Home and on the Way

Schumacher spent the first half of 1972 in England, where he’d been teaching photography at an art school for a year and a half. After his return to Switzerland he assisted on a documentary film and got to work on making his own first film. Over time his interest in continuing his photographic diary waned till in late 1972 he stopped taking pictures altogether and devoted himself entirely to film.

The friends and coworkers portrayed by Schumacher are all young, still looking to find their social and professional niche. Their moods of the portraits seesaw between elation and melancholy. And the subjects include not only friends, but also a ragpicker, a mailman, a mother with her brood, even a portrait of Alfred Hitchcock and a shot of a couple asleep.

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