Another Life

by Jim goldberg



First edition (2022)

Large format 24 page newspaper style publication in new condition.


In 2005-06 Jim Goldberg travelled to Ukraine as part of a project which explored migration, at the start of the new millennium. For Another Life a new fundraising publication, Goldberg revisits his work from the time, alongside Ukrainian writer, and film-maker Iryna Tsilyk.

"If I had to depict a portrait of my generation – Ukrainian people born in the times of change, on the ruins of the empire – I would trip over this challenging task. We are all too different. We grew up in dissimilar regions of our big country at the crossroads of various influences, we spoke and speak different languages, we were formed as individuals in non-identical families and environments with different traumas of the past. And yet, it seems we have a lot in common. Regardless of our backgrounds, religions, views, social statuses and so on, we all grew up on shared desires and searching for another life." - Iryna Tsilyk

Publisher stanley barker