Beauty Shots

by Donna trope


Beauty Shots by Donna Trope. First edition (2001). First impression. Large format paperback in fine condition. No markings. Please see pictures.

About Beauty Shots

Beauty Shots is a collection of striking portraits taken by Donna Trope. Her work is vibrant and full of detail. Trope's beauty images are playful and sexy. Through photographing beauty she explores the human body and the way we understand what 'beautiful' or 'glamourous' can be. She pushes the boundaries of fashion as well as portraiture. Her images are drawn from Trope's own experience and eye for fashion. The result is an exciting, fabulous series.

About Donna Trope

Donna was born in Los Angeles and raised in London.  Trope is a self taught photographer with no official photography education. This means that she uses her own experiences and instincts when it comes to develop a look and a style. Donna Trope is an award winning, world-renowned photographer specialising in beauty images, portrait and fashion. Her sexy, conceptual, ground breaking beauty shots went against the grain of what was considered commercially beautiful and are now the much imitated status quo. Trope has contributed to publications such as VOGUE, Beauty Shots, Fashion Images du Mode, Paradise, French FOTO, Italian FOTO, British Journal of Photography, Hotshoe Magazine, and the The New York Times Magazine

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