Bill Brandt (One Picture Book)

by Bill jay



Bill Brandt (One Picture Book) by Bill Jay. First edition (2002). First impression. Small hardback (one of 500) in new condition. #421 of this Nazraeli Press One Picture Book. Signed and numbered by Bill Jay to copyright page. It contains a tipped-in print. No markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

Statement from Bill Jay about Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt was a quiet, withdrawn, priest-like character with the taut skin and bony, elegant features of an aristocratic aesthete. He spoke sparsely and in little more than a whisper. He believed that the camera was a medium through which he received messages from another world. I am just beginning to understand what he meant. Brandt was other-worldly in another sense. Aloof from trends and movements in his own medium, he seemed to know nothing and no one in contemporary photography. He quietly continued his experiments, always thrusting ahead into new directions, confounding expectations and confusing his critics. Much of the magic in his prints was revealed in the darkroom. I once asked if I could see his work area. He sternly refused. What is it? I asked, The holy of holies? Yes, he said. Bill Jay’s marvelous description of an encounter with the great Bill Brandt is delightfully succinct. Using just 135 words, Jay gives the reader an illuminating and perceptive view of his subject, in what might reasonably be called the literary equivalent of the snapshot.

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