Black Power Black Panthers 1969

by Janine wiedel


Black Power Black Panthers 1969 by Janine Wiedel. Third impression (2020) of this small Cafe Royal paperback edition in as new condition. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

Specifications of Black Power Black Panthers 1969

36 pages 14cm x 20cm b/w digital


This book collects Janine Wiedel’s photographs of the Black Panthers in San Francisco and Oakland in 1969. Wiedel, who was born in America and has been based in London since the 1970s, is known for her work documenting political issues, social movements, and marginalized groups including the Irish Travellers, working-class communities in the West Midlands, and a Rastafari community in London. A zine of photographs taken in California in 1969, when The Black Panther Party was being heavily targeted by the police and the FBI. The Panthers emerged from the Black Power Movement in 1966. Founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, they formed an organisation committed to improving social conditions and instilling racial pride in their communities.

Artist Bio

Janine Wiedel is an documentary photographer and visual anthropologist. She was born in New York city, has been based in the UK since 1970 and lives in London. Since the late 1960s she has been working on projects which have become books and exhibitions.

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