British Cherry Blossom

by Sam vale



British Cherry Blossom by Sam Vale. First edition. First impression in new condition. Flat signed and numbered by Sam Vale to front endpage. There are only 323 copies of this book available (there are 323 varieties of British Cherry Blossom in the UK) and each copy comes with a unique variety of dried pressed cherry blossom petal. The book is in new condition. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About British Cherry Blossom

This photographic topography presents all 323 varieties of cherry blossom in the UK in the style of a pomological book. Pomology is the study and science of fruit trees, with the aim of improving and developing attributes such as taste, longevity and yield of popular fruits. Seldom is a comprehensive range of cherry blossom represented in books on the subject as the delicate flowers are considered too uniform for traditional illustration to capture the nuances of difference between varieties. Artist Sam Vale, has utilised the camera which can capture more subtle differences between blossoms, to address this void and record a complete taxonomy of British cherry blossom. - From the Publisher

‘The joy of collecting is driven by noticing what is overlooked and cherishing the connected items for their individual characteristics. In the presentation of this collection it is hoped that the beautiful qualities and patterns of the project can come to the fore and demonstrate the value of looking again at things that might at first seem indistinguishable’.

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