Cathedrals Are Built In The Future

by Simon roberts



First edition of Cathedrals Are Built In The Future by Simon Roberts (2022)

First impression 

Medium format paperback in new condition

Published by Another Place Press 


Simon Roberts is renowned for his large-format tableaux photographs that capture the nature of public, communal experience within specific landscapes. This new series – a taxonomic study of religious landscapes in Cuba - is his first major work to concentrate on interior spaces. His photographs form a social catalog of Cuban religious history, focusing on places of worship across Havana.

Cuba was never a deeply pious country, like some other Latin American nations, however, the Catholic church and other denominations have come a long way from the early days of the revolution when Fidel Castro enshrined atheism in the constitution and Christians were persecuted and marginalized (between 1960 and 1992 Cuba was officially an atheist state).

Publisher another place press