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Closer by Philipp Ebeling. First edition (2020). First impression. Medium format paperback in new condition. In an edition of 150 numbered copies. Signed and numbered by Philipp Ebeling to front end page. No markings. This is a new book.

About Closer

Closer is a collection of images photographer Philipp Ebeling took whilst reconsidering his approach to photography. This means, he decided to start working with a macro lens and getting closer and closer to things, until new details emerged from this proximity. Inside a bubble of domesticity brought to Ebeling by fatherhood, the photographer felt his world shrink around him, but far from rejecting this, he embraced this sense of claustrophobia and transformed it into a fabulous series of images, presented in this limited edition book.

About Philipp Ebeling

Philipp Ebeling was born in Germany in 1977 and later moved to London in the 1990's, where he currently resides. His work explores concepts of home, memory, past, and present. Ebeling's 2014 book Land without Past is a photographic personal essay that combines found images of every day life during the war with photographs taken of contemporary Germany. Ebeling writes," I grew up in a Germany that was obsessed with making new, people never liked to keep old things. It was as if with every wave of renewal in people’s lives, they built a little more distance to the past. After half a lifetime living abroad, I went back home to reflect on the disconnection between Germany of the Past and Germany of Now."  Drawn to urban spaces, Ebeling has shot documentary and personal projects in Russia, China, India, Germany, and London.

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