Death is not here

by Wouter Van de Voorde



First edition of Death is not here by Wouter Van de Voorde (2022)

First impression 

Large format paperback in new condition

In an edition of 750 copies

Comes in a dust jacket 

Published by VOID


“A peculiar convergence of death/life and permanence/impermanence occurred during the period I made these images. 'Death is not here' is a personal time capsule capturing and preserving this time in my life.”

Wouter Van de Voorde

Death is not here’ combines disparate photographs created by artist Wouter Van de Voorde. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, he was about to become a father for the second time. He had been making still lifes with fossils, and in his spare time he had begun digging in the backyard with his son unearthing the grave of a family chicken. Photographs of subsequent excavations, rock sculptures, an eroded gorge and an ongoing preoccupation with ravens are combined to create a new narrative representing everyday encounters between life and death.

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