Dylan in Woodstock

by Elliott landy



Dylan in Woodstock by Elliott Landy. This is number 433 in an edition of 1750 signed copies in near fine condition. There is a very small mark to the slipcase. No other markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Dylan in Woodstock

So, the most intimate photographs of Bob Dylan ever taken are collected in this book, a fascinating insight into a period of astonishing creativity. This then spawned the legendary Basement Tapes, Harding and Nashville Skyline albums. However, Bob Dylan's time in Woodstock was also a period where he withdrew from the public eye. American photographer Elliot Landy's beautifully atmospheric and informal photographs recover these lost years. Capturing Dylan as he has never been seen since. They represent a unique collaboration between photographer and also subject. Each at the peak of his powers. 'In virtually every photograph, he seems contented, at ease with himself in a way that he had not been before, nor, for that matter, has been since.' – The Guardian Elliott Landy photographed Dylan at his home, creating unique and informal images. For example, Dylan seated at the piano, bouncing on a trampoline, playing guitar on a bench. As well as sitting on the porch or throwing out the trash. Each of which give a fascinating insight into one of the most intriguing phases of Dylan's career. This book provides an unprecedented selection of unpublished pictures from the archive of Elliott Landy. Over 120 photographs in black and white, the medium in which his work is best known. But also featuring 40 striking full colour images and another 20 monochrome images printed in sepia or blue tints.

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