Erde Feuer Wind Wasser

by damian heinisch




First edition first impression set of 4 books in new condition. the book is shrink wrapped in its slipcase.

This four­-volume publication raises ques­tions about cultural and collective heritage and takes us on a visual journey through the history of Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries, marked by war, migration, and changes in political systems.
In each of the books – symbolically anchored in the four elements and the four seasons – the photographer focuses on various genera­tions of his family over the last 75 years: from his grandfather’s diary, which he wrote as a prisoner of war in Ukraine, to his family’s emi­gration from Poland to West Germany in the 1970s and the relatives they left behind, to Heinisch’s relationship with his widowed father in Germany and his own search for identity in Norway, his adopted home. Damian Heinisch holds an MA from the Folkwang School in Essen and teaches photography in Oslo.
45, his first publication, received the Mack First Book Award in 2020.

This book is published in a limited and signed edition of 600 copies.

Publisher kehrer