Flowers of the Isthmus (Best PhotoBook IPA) + signed print

by Delphine Blast




First edition of Flowers of the Isthmus by Delphine Blast (2022)

First impression 

Large format hardback in new condition

Presented in a case

Comes with a signed print 

In an edition of 500 numbered copies

Published by Editions Bessard

Best photobook at the IPA 2022 (USA)


Recognizable by their colorful traditional dress, a proud heritage of a two thousand year old civilization, the organization of the women of the Mexican isthmus resembles a matrilineal society. “They are the government, the people, the guardians of men and goods”*, notably in Juchitán, “the city of flowers” ​​in Zapotec, where they shine in the heart of the region and enjoy remarkable economic power. Central element of their identity, the costume of the Zapotec Indians reflects their belonging to the pre-Hispanic culture.

The portraits were then framed by traditional Mexican oilcloths, gleaned from the stalls of the Juchitán market, thus making each photo unique, like the Zapotec outfits.

Publisher editions bessard