Gloire Immortelle - Print Edition

by Rachidi Bissiriou




First impression of the Print Edition of Gloire Immotelle by Rachidi Bissirou. Issued by David Hill Gallery and published by Stanley/Barker. This edition contains a first edition copy of the book and a 7x7" limited edition print.



"Young Wife and Mother, 1983"

7x7" Silver Gelatin

Limited edition of 30


About Gloire Immortelle

In 1968, the West African photographer Rachidi Bissiriou set up his photographic studio, Studio Plaisir, in his hometown of Kétou in Benin, which he operated until its closure in 2004. The timing of this was conspicuous – Bissiriou was only 18 and Benin had only declared its independence from French rule eight years earlier, in 1960. Armed with a Yashica twin-lens camera, Bissiriou documented these heady times, spending the next three decades shooting black and white photographs of the locals in a standard 6x6cm format. 

Publisher stanley barker