God Forgotten Face

by Robin maddock



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God Forgotten Face by Robin Maddock. First edition (2011). First impression. Medium format hardback in new condition. 

*Please note that the signed copies are flat signed by Robin Maddock to title page. 

*Please note that both the signed and unsigned copies are brand new, however they have soft bumps to bottom corners of cover, caused during transportation.

About God Forgotten Face

'God forgotten face' my second book on England is about Plymouth, a city in Devon in the south west of England. I chose it because I have visited all my life as my family is from there. It struck me as a place far from the cultural Centre of London. I wanted to see, what was left of my grandparents culture. I found a tough place, full of resilience, humour and generosity. Bombed flat and mostly unprotected in the war, history hangs heavy here. I hope to have uncovered an ongoing sense of pride in being a 'janner' even in the face of the decline and neglect this part of England has suffered.

Artist Bio

So, Maddock is best known for his personal approach to documentary photography. He looks at different places and the states of mind of the people that inhabit them. His first two photography books were portraits of England. 'Our kids Are Going to Hell' (2009) is a reflection of the social interaction of youth and the police in Hackney, London. Also that year, Maddock made the prestigious Victoria and Albert museum annual review, which was a 6 month commission. His second title, ‘God Forgotten Face’ in 2011 continued his work on aspects of everyday English society in the South Western town of Plymouth. Martin Parr selected this work as his choice in the Smithsonian magazine’s edition “The new stars of photography” in February 2012. More recently, 2014, has seen his third book entitled ‘III’ published. It is a more playful black and white look at the streets of America.

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