Happy/Brooklyn 1988-93

by Nina korhonen



Happy/Brooklyn 1988-93 by Nina Korhonen. First edition first impression paperback in new condition. Signed by Nina Korhonen. No markings. This is a new book. Dust jacket in removable protective sleeve.  

About Happy/Brooklyn 1988-93

Happy/Brooklyn 1988-83 is Korhonen's first photographic series. It consists of a loving portrait of Brooklyn's Finntown. The photographer captured the place where back in the 20th century, a great number of Finnish immigrants settled. Korhonen documented the vibrant life of this neighbourhood as a part of a bigger project she was working on, about Nordic immigrants moving to New York. The collection of black-and-white images create a magnificent portrait of a time and a place, full of wonder and loving observations.

About Nina Korhonen

Nina Korhonen was born in Tampere, Finland in 1961. Korhonen’s photographs highlight the natural world: Finnish lakes and forests, the coast of Galicia, and Chinese rock formations are all depicted. Also, Korhonen documents the intimacies of her everyday life and relationships—for example, her partner is pictured with a cross mark on his chest in the moments before undergoing radiation treatment. Indeed, family members figure prominently in Korhonen’s work outside of Anna—her mother, father, and various children appear—and are portrayed vacationing, traveling, and at home. Korhonen’s work has been exhibited throughout the world including at the Latvian Museum of Photography in Riga, the Perspektivet Museum in Tromsö, Norway, and the Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen, as well as Malmö ‘s Museer and Kommendanthuset.

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