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K by Eamonn Doyle. First edition (2018). First impression. Large format hardback in new condition. No markings. This is a new book. Signed by Eamonn Doyle. Please see picture. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About K

So, in his Dublin trilogy (i, ON and End.) Eamonn captured the combined actions of the city and its population as they played out in front of him. However, with K, he moves away from the urban east coast to the western Atlantic edge of Ireland, to a landscape that, in places, appears out of time, a parallel world untouched by human presence. Through the intense colour images of K, we follow a figure that shape-shifts as it travels across this landscape. Entirely veiled in cloth, the figure is spectral, changing in colour and materiality as it is pushed and pulled by gravity, wind, water and light. In places it appears almost gaseous, in others it is molten and then, at times, the weight of being earthbound becomes apparent.

Accompanying these colour images, K includes a number of dense black and white photographs that appear to describe some kind of seismic evidence. Printed on a number of pages in the book are stratified layers of hand-written letters from a mother to her dead son. Eamonn’s brother, Ciarán, died suddenly at age 33 in 1999. His mother, Kathryn, never managed to escape the grief of such a time-reversed event, right up until her own death in 2017. In the letters, we can make out a word here and there, but the cumulative effect is their appearance as musical notation, a veil of sound waves, a phonetic score for lament.

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