Kids in Love

by Olivia bee



Kids in Love by Olivia Bee. First edition (2016). First impression. Medium format hardback in new condition. No markings. This is a brand new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

Choose between an unsigned copy (bumped to bottom spine) or a signed copy (brand new, no markings). Please note the unsigned copy is also new, however, it was damaged during transportation. 

*The signed copies are signed by Olivia Bee to title page.

About Kids in Love

Kids in Love is the first monograph by the talented photographer Olivia Bee and it's a celebration of youth. The book brings together two bodies of Bee's work. The first one is called Enveloped in a Dream and it's a series that brought Olivia recognition as a teenager. It could be perceived as a project of story telling, a sort of visual diary about girlhood and adolescence. The second body of work titled Kids in Love is a continued documentation of the ups and downs of the ever romanticised youth.

Beautifully put together between the same covers, these two projects invite us to loose ourselves in a world of adventure and freedom, full of possibilities and nostalgia. Olivia Bee masterfully uses colour to create intimate dreamy portraits of her friends and other young people around her as well as evocative landscapes. Moreover, with her captivating work Bee gives voice to her generation and touches on the importance of self-awareness. In conclusion, Kids in Love is a tale of the perks and disadvantages that the brink of adulthood has to offer.

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