LBM Dispatch #5: Colorado

by Alec Soth | Brad Zellar



LBM Dispatch #5: Colorado.

First edition (2013).

First impression

Large paperback in new condition

No markings


For the fifth edition of The LBM Dispatch. Alec Soth and Brad Zellar hit the road in early May and drove through a snowstorm across the plains. Headed for the Rocky Mountains. They visited dozens of towns in Colorado, met hundreds of people, and spent two weeks roaming both sides of the Continental Divide and battling the altitude, weather, technical problems, and the unshakeable John Denver. The result was the most challenging and, in many ways, most harrowing Dispatch trek yet. The LBM Dispatch is an irregularly published newspaper of the North American ramblings of photographer Alec Soth and writer Brad Zellar. More books by Alec Soth.

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