Monochrome & Colour

by Mary mccartney


Monochrome & Colour by Mary McCartney. First edition first impression large format slipcase containing 2 hardbacks in near fine condition. No markings on the books.  

About Monochrome & Colour

Monochrome & Colour is a highly personal project by McCartney. The collection is split into two different volumes, one dedicated to colour and the other one for black-and-white images personally selected by the photographer. Apart from showcasing McCartney's body of work and love for the intimate and what's tucked away, this project gives the viewer an insight into the behind-the-scenes of celebrity life, since she took photos portraits from famous and non famous people.  

About Mary McCartney

Mary McCartney was born in London in 1969. McCartney’s photographic work has focused on discovering those rare moments of unguarded, emotionally charged intimacy that offers us a new insight to the subject. Her work has concentrated on the world of portrait and is suffused with a deep personal investment that captures the creative chemistry between Mary and her subjects. She responds to her wide variety of subjects as spontaneously as they are studied, thanks to her distinctive style and talent for encapsulating the inspirations, vulnerability, histories and personalities of her subjects.

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