My All

by Sophie calle


My All by Sophie Calle. First edition (2015). First impression. Small format paperback in new condition. Housed in a slipcase. Slipcase still in shrink wrap. No markings. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About My All

Over the past thirty years, Sophie Calle has invited strangers to sleep in her bed, followed a man through the streets of Paris to Venice, hired a detective to spy on herself before providing a report of her day, taken a job as a chambermaid in a hotel to photograph guests’ personal belongings, asked blind people to tell her about the final image they remember, and chased down the ghosts of works stolen from museums and much more besides. In doing so, she has orchestrated small moments of life, establishing a game, then settings its rules, for herself and for others, while blurring the boundary between art and life. Although the lived experiences she stage-manages are methodically selected, she is not afraid of unveiling her failed love affairs and the exquisite pain of absence and its concomitant melancholy. Her first-person accounts are often associated with all kinds of possible supports (books, photos, videos, films, performances). This set of fifty postcards brings together Sophie Calle’s best known works.

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