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Nitro by Steve Banks. In an edition of 350 signed numbered slipcased copies. Signed by Steve Banks to a label tipped in to the back cover. No markings. The book is in new condition. Please see pictures, any questions please get in touch.

About Nitro

In 1964, a young Steve Banks bought one of the most coveted ‘Muscle Cars’ on the market. A Pontiac GTO with a four-speed stick and a Hurst shifter and three Rochester 2G carburetors. He then drove Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles to begin his new advertising agency job. Gassing up one day at Nobo’s Shell station at Beverly and Larchmont. Banks learned that Nobo had previously been head mechanic at the Courtesy Chevrolet dealership, and that his station had become a center for building and tuning street racers. On and off over the next few months, Banks would leave his car at the garage while Nobo fine-tuned the carburetors.

They replaced the stock tires, torsion, and sway bars, and added Koni shocks and a Sun tachometer. Next, he taught Banks how to ‘speed shift’—while making late night runs up and down Larchmont Boulevard. One day, Nobo mentioned he was going to a drag race that Saturday, and that Banks was welcome to come along. Witnessing his first drag race, Steve Banks was immediately hooked. He returned the following Saturday, and the next, and again the next; but this time with with his cameras. Over the course of two years, Banks photographed guys preparing runs, the thundering nitro-burning dragsters launching down the strip at two hundred-plus miles per hour, and everything else that moved.

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