Noite Afora Noite Adentro

by Betina samaia




Noite Afora Noite Adentro by Betina Samaia. First edition (2017). First impression. Large format hardback in new condition. Signed and dated by Betina Samaia to title page. No markings. This is a brand new book. Please see pictures. Any questions please get in touch.

About Noite Afora Noite Adentro

“We often know that things are there, but in the dark, we cannot see. As we place a spotlight, they are brought to the surface and become real. That's exactly what therapy does. When we illuminate the contents of the unconscious, they become real, possible, controllable ”, he says. “The night is the ideal metaphor for trying to understand our deepest mysteries. In the past, some indigenous tribes believed that the stars were actually perforations in the sky. Through these holes, it was possible to glimpse other illuminated worlds besides Earth. I move all the time between the real and the imaginary. Through my images, I try to apprehend my inner and outer universe ”.

In the text that closes the book, Guilherme Ghisoni, PHD in Philosophy of Image, explains: “It is philosophical innocence to believe that the world shows itself as it is to the subject, who simply apprehends it, without building it. It is photographic innocence to believe that the world shows itself as it is to the photographer, who simply captures it, without building it. The world is the construction of understanding, language and reason, in the same way, that the world portrayed, is the construction of the photographer. Within its conceptual dimension, it is the awakening beyond this double innocence that the astonishment caused by the beautiful pictures of Betina Samaia leads us ”.

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