Nymph Daughters

by Todd Hido




Nymph Daughters by Todd Hido. First edition (2010) first impression paperback (one of 500) in as new condition. Flat signed by Todd Hido to title page. No markings. Pages clean, binding firm. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Nymph Daughters

Nymph Daughters, published by Super Labo in 2010, brings back the experiments Todd Hido used to play with in graduate school. This way, it's a project that looks both, backwards and forwards. So, it contains a series that starts with two photographs: The first one is an image from 1950's and it's the photo of a mother. Then, the other photograph comes from archival newspaper. This one was taken by a journalist who was reporting on the aftermath of an auto accident. To conclude, after selecting these two images, Hido put them together. First, he put the portrait at the front of the project. Second, he put the image of the car crash at the back. This way, he started to play with the narrative that would end up connecting both photographs. For this, he used his own archive of portraits and landscapes. As a result, Nymph Daughters is a playful, pulpy tale that takes stories that never happened and knits them together with real tales. Overall, this books is inhabited with the undercurrents and the backgrounds of the people who worked with Hido.

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