On The Acropolis

by Tod papageorge




First edition of On The Acropolis by Tod Papageorge (2019)

First impression

Large format paperback in fine condition

Signed, located with dedication to previous owner by Tod Papageorge to back cover

No markings

Pages clean, binding firm

Published by Stanley/Barker

About On the Acropolis

On the Acropolis is a collection of images Tod Papageorge took between 1983 and 1984, when he spent a moth each summer capturing the iconic Acropolis in Athens. His approach is one of fusion between ancient and modernity. The photographer stayed in a hotel in Zafolia, which is five minutes from the Acropolis. He would roam around the building capturing its beauty and the impact it had on the many visitors that looked up in awe. Papageorge documents the interactions of ancient history and modern tourism in beautiful black and white images.  

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