One Year

by Geert broertjes




One Year by Geert Broertjes. First edition (2019). First impression. Large format hardback in mint condition. Signed by Geert Broertjes on the front page. No markings. This is a new book. 

About One Year

"In the space of a year, I had lost three important women in my life: my grandmother, my aunt and my mother. And a fourth loss soon announced itself. My relationship with Tessel ended. And so, my last anchor fell away. I felt empty and lost. I quickly reached a point where I lost myself completely in short-lived relationships and the numbness offered by alcohol and drugs. Anything to temporarily deaden the pain of that total emptiness. I sank to the bottom of my existence.

I wish to dedicate this book to my father and mother. I am thankful for having had these two most beautiful and most loving people in my life." - Geert Broertjes

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