Ophelias, Buenos Aires. 2001. (Magnum Editions Poster)

by Alessandra sanguinetti




Ophelias, Buenos Aires. 2001. (Magnum Editions Poster) by Alessandra Sanguinetti.


Specifications for Ophelias

Magnum Editions Poster Edition of 50 46 x 61 cm (18" x 24") Poster Signed by Alessandra Sanguinetti and numbered to Artist Label


About Ophelias

In 1996, Sanguinetti began working on a project titled The Sixth Day, exploring life and death on a farm in the Pampas, just outside Buenos Aires. While photographing there she met two cousins, Guille and Belinda, who she started to photograph in what was to become a 23 year project: The Adventures of Guille and Belinda. This photograph, Ophelias, was taken in 2001, early on in the Adventures project. During a period when the two girls were working out who they would become. “I’d photograph them at play,” she has said, “and I started asking them to imagine what their future would be like – and then they’d act it out, like stars of their own life,” Sanguinetti explains.


Artist Bio

"I was born in NYC in 1968. Two years after that, my family and I moved to Buenos Aires, where I grew up, worked and lived until 2002. I'm based in California now. I've been a photographer since I'm ten years old and made half of my work in a small area 200 km south of Buenos Aires. I've also made and are making work in many other parts of the world To do so, I've had the support of the Guggenheim Foundation, The Hasselblad Foundation, the National Fund for the Arts of Argentina, the Harvard Peabody Museum/Robert Gardner Foundation, the Aperture/Hermes Foundation, the MacDowell Colony, and the John Gutman, Alicia Paterson and the Magnum Foundation." - Alessandra Sanguinetti


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