People of the Mud

by Luis alberto rodriguez



People of the Mud by Luis Alberto Rodriguez. First edition, first impression in new condition. Signed by Luis Alberto Rodriguez to title page. No markings.  Slipcased hardback.

About People of the Mud

In People of the Mud, Rodríguez captures the intimacy and connection of the Hurling players in the field. This way, he is able to explore moments  that everybody else overlooks. So, he focuses on the layers that the players' bodies create. How they overlap onto each other, how they create sculpture-like shapes and push, hug, shove, grab. The photographs were taken during Rodriguez' first visit to Ireland. In fact, because he was approaching the country with fresh eyes, he could see other layers and interactions in the game. So, struck by the intensity and the physicality of this game, he found himself capturing intimate compositions, reflective of camaraderie and trust. Conty Wexford in Ireland is the place were Rodruiguez took the photographs for People of the Mud. This is a place where modern life overlaps with ancient tradition seamlessly. The photographer was able to capture moments between the platers that would have escaped the average spectator's eye

About Luis Alberto Rodríguez

Luis Alberto Rodriguez is Berlin based photographer, although originally from New York. His photography is heavily influenced by his previous career as dancer. Rodríguez uses his dancing background to inform the choices he makes in his work. He explores his subjects through a natural interest in movement and the way they relate to others and to their environment. His images are haunting, turning the recognisable into the unrecognisable.

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