Portraits 1910 - 32

by John alinder



Portraits 1910 - 32 by John Alinder. 

Large format hardback in new condition.

Comes with a belly band.

Choose between the first edition (2021) and a second printing (2022).

About Portraits 1910 - 32

John Alinder, son of a farmer, was born in 1878 in the village of Sävasta, Altuna parish. In Uppland, a province in eastern central Sweden. Alinder then remained in the village all his life. He chose not to take over his parents’ farm and instead became a self-taught photographer and jack of all trades. He was a music lover, holder of the Swedish agency for the British record label and gramophone brand His Master’s Voice. For a time he ran a country shop from his home, and he even operated an illicit bar for a while. From the 1910s to the 1930s he portrayed the local people, the landscape around them and also their way of life. He often photographed them in their homes and gardens, using the technology of the time, glass plates. These he developed in a small darkroom he had built and then made the prints in the sunlight. So, Portraits 1910 - 32 shows Alinder’s portraits for the first time. Published in collaboration with Upplandsmuseet and Landskrona Foto, it coincides with the launch of the first major exhibition of his work. He is a unique portrait photographer whose work can match other acknowledged photographers from the same period, such as Gertrude Käsebier, Mike Disfarmer or August Sander, and whilst he worked within the confines of his own small village, it is clear that such an original and skilled photographer deserves to be showcased to a broader, world-wide audience.

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