Shoreditch Wild Life Collector's Edition

by Dougie wallace




Shoreditch Wild Life Collector's Edition by Dougie Wallace. First edition (2014). First impression of this Deluxe slipcased edition with a signed print. This is number 47/250. The book is brand new. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Shoreditch Wild Life

"Once synonymous with strip clubs, Shoreditch has become one of London’s most popular nightspots. It attracts both locals and cultural tourists dipping into the scene for the night. Scottish photographer Dougie Wallace has been capturing the area for over a decade, capturing a wide gamut that runs from rampant exhibitionism to furtive drug taking. “I just always had a camera with me and started taking photos on my nights out,” he says. “I’ve always been a participant, not a voyeur, so I’ve never had any problems photographing anyone.” - Diane Smyth, British Journal of Photography.

"Messy, absurd, hilarious, and full to the brim with the joy of being alive on a sunny weekend in Shoreditch, these pictures fizz with the throbbing life-force of this peculiar square mile of East London - big black blokes head to pointy toe in gold lamé, a girl squatting in cowboy boots with a plastic pint glass who has the look of someone who’s not quite sure what party she’s at anymore, wasted women who look like the best kind of trouble, and all the while there’s a crashed car upside down in the street while the party gets madder all around it: in short, total fucking chaos, a chaos I’ve never seen so condensed into one square mile anywhere else. I didn’t know people lived like this before I moved to Shoreditch as a young man, and now, all these years later, as somebody who’s much more likely to be walking his dog round the park than stuck five hours into a session come Saturday evening, I still can’t quite believe they do." -Michael Smith, author and broadcaster, The Culture Show.

About Dougie Wallace

Dougie Wallace, also known as Glasweegee, is a British street photographer from Glasgow, based in east London. He has had five books of his work published and been awarded Second Prize in the Portraiture category of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards.

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