Sleeping State of Being – Creatures of Night and Day

by Sara Skorgan Teigen



First edition of Sleeping State of Being – Creatures of Night and Day by Sara Skorgan Teigen (2022)

First impression 

Large format hardback in new condition

Published by Journal


The sketchbook has always been used as a tool to study and understand nature by drawing. My sketchbooks with photographs, drawings and collages become the physical gathering point where impressions and observations of the outside world and my inner world meet. The psychological truth takes physical form and is manifested in the pages of the sketchbook; studying and drawing structures taken from nature gives me time to reflect on how forms and rules coexist. I use myself as subject and object, playing, wondering and questioning my own role in life, and moving between the personal and the archetypal. I map my inner landscapes through the design of the sketchbook's pages.


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