Sorry Welcome

by Alessandra sanguinetti



Sorry Welcome by Alessandra Sanguinetti. First edition (2013). First impression medium hardback in new condition. This is a group series of 4 books, this is book 2 by Alessandra Sanguinetti. No markings. This is a new book. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About Sorry Welcome

Sanguinetti veers away from her earlier work that proved her to be a photographic powerhouse. As a result, Sorry, Welcome is a glimpse into the artist's life the way it looked throughout the winter of 2012. Therefore, The work was shot over a short period of time. In which Sanguinetti took a step back becoming a voyeur of her own life. So, as a new romantic relationship bridges distance we are also privy to watching her own daughter gain a new older sister. Nonetheless, the work is pointed, tender, and a loving tribute to the family structure.

About Alessandra Sanguinetti

Alessandra Sanguinetti is known for her lyrical, softly-drawn photography that explores themes of memory, place. As well as, the psychological transitions of youth. Sanguinetti was born in New York in 1968, and brought up in Argentina where she lived from 1970 until 2003. Her interest in photography began aged 9 when she poured over her mother’s collection of books by Michael Lesy, Dorothea Lange and others. She studied Anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires and General Studies at the International Center of Photography.

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