by Kenji Aoki



First edition first impression large format hardback in new condition. this is one of 750 numbered copies, no markings, the book is new. 

Kenji Aoki (b. 1968 in Tokyo) spent his formative years studying various design disciplines at Kuwasa Design School. It was photography and its ability to capture beauty in 'a normal coffee cup at home' that changed Aoki's world. Since then he has pursued the art of still life photography. "After a process similar to that of Zen dialogues, I realized that what I was seeking was to be found in everyday life, the life that was right before my eyes. Our eyes see a reality shaped by our emotions. Only by sidestepping our preconceived notions and taking a geometric, analytical point of view I could realize a simplified foundation of beauty." (Kenji Aoki) After a successful career in Tokyo, Aoki moved to New York in 2009. He has worked with many clients in the United States and Europe, and was awarded from The Art Directors Club, American Photography, and The New York Times Magazine, among others.

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