SPBH Book Club Vol III

by Cristina de middel



SPBH Book Club Vol III by Cristina De Middel. First edition (2013). First impression in very good condition. Pages clean, binding firm. Back cover has some shelf wear. Signed by Cristina De Middel. Please see pictures. PayPal accepted, any questions please get in touch.

About SPBH Book Club Vol III

The third edition of the SPBH Book Club is by photographer Cristina De Middel. De Middel gained international acclaim last year wither her self published book The Afronauts which, in just a few months froms its release, became widely praised and highly collectable. She is also nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2013 and recently won the ICP Infinity Award. This new project challenges the archetype of street photography and the language and veracity of the photograph as a document. De Middel takes us out onto the shimmering streets of New York City, and playfully works with visual tropes to illuminate the surreal quality of space within the city. Embodying the notion of the American Dream and the tingling sensation of collective fascination with such an iconic place, the book is something of an enigma and hints at a multilayered story – through signifiers and visual clues, the viewer is invited to piece together the sum of its parts, as in a game or a puzzle.

About Cristina De Middel

Cristina De Middel (b. 1975) is a Spanish documentary photographer and artist who lives and works in Uruapan, Mexico. So, she joined Magnum Photos as a nominee in 2017. Consequently, as of 2019, she has become an associate member. Middel investigates photography’s ambiguous relationship to truth. Blending documentary and conceptual photographic practices. So, she plays with reconstructions and archetypes in order to build a more layered understanding of the subjects she approaches. Working from the premise that mass media is reducing our real understanding of the world we live in, De Middel responds to an urgency to re-imagine tired aesthetic tropes and insert opinion in place of facts.

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